Pirates, Peaches and p-Values: parrrt 1 | Stylish Statistics!

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ISBN 9789086664849
Auteur: Vice Penders
Formaat: 17 x 24 cm
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Hoist the colours! Sadistic seagulls, intoxicated Elves and moody mermaids await on the horizon – and there is much, much more to feast your eyes on in this new edition of Pirates, Peaches and P-values. All who wish to learn statistics with transparency, precision and light-heartedness: look no further and come aboard, like the 1600 students that preceded you. This ship is taking its ambitions to the next level, with breathtaking visuals, engaging prose, and two volumes instead of one. But at its heart, it stays true to the captain’s code of three:

• Completionism and clarity: anything can be explained.
• Maths and matter: examples make statistics real.
• Education and entertainment: laughter helps sailors learn and remember.

So try it, and be conVinced. Still think you’re a peach in statistics? You’re about to become a pirate!

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